9 Most Bizarre Things Found After Buying an Older Home

Buying a home is exciting. But, when you buy a resale home, buying can be downright stressful.

You have to compete with all the other home shoppers for sellers’ time of day and frequently get caught in bidding wars for habitual housing. After going through the stress known as getting approved for a mortgage and closing, most new homeowners just want to get their furniture moved in so they can rest.

Unfortunately, these nine homeowners decided to buy older homes and found the weirdest stuff left behind by the previous owners.

1. A Giant Monopoly Board Painted onto Hardwood

An older couple found hardwood floors after deciding to rip up the old carpet in the home they recently purchased. The previous owners ruined the otherwise beautiful flooring because they decided to paint a giant Monopoly board on it, forcing the couple to replace their flooring soon after moving in.

2. A Well, Dating Back to the Medieval Era

An older couple in England found a giant hole in their living room floor after wondering why the floor dipped in the middle. It turns out the home’s builder decided to build it over a dried up well that was more than 500 years old.

3. Thousands of Snakes 

One family from Idaho had the unique opportunity of living out many peoples’ nightmare. Thousands of snakes had decided to live under the house, around the house, even in their walls. Thousands of them.

4. A Not-So-Sweet Beehive 

The buyer of a Texas fixer upper had planned to get the roof fixed. Until roof workers asked that she get her bee problem taken care of. After further investigation, and after honey starting to ooze from the walls, it was clear this old house wasn’t such a sweet deal.

5. A Graveyard

Wisconsin woman decided to remodel her home, only to find it had been built on top of an almost 200-year-old graveyard. Because of her home’s placement on top of graves, the local government stalled her foundation work for over a year.

6. A Briefcase Full of Cash, Silver and a Note That Read “Save Yourself”

It might sound like the start of a Dan Brown novel, but imagine finding these items in your home, hidden in a safe that's hidden in a crawlspace. The homeowner also found VHS tapes, but has yet to view what’s on them.

7. A Secret Play Room Behind a Mirror

One Reddit homeowner moved a mirror in their new home and found an empty hole leading to a ladder that took them up to a playroom between two closets, complete with beanbag chairs and a TV.

8. Enough Ammunition to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Apparently, abandoning ammunition is a common thing to do when selling a home. The Internet is full of stories of people finding rooms crammed full of ready-to-use ammunition.

9. A Latex Richard Nixon Mask

Just imagine opening the closets in your new home only to see the eyeholes set in the face of latex Richard Nixon starting deep into your soul. Welcome to your new home!

When buying an older home, having a third-party inspector go through the house before closing is necessary. Not only do they find any issues that could result in costly repairs, they can also ensure you do not end up buying a house full of strange stuff.

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Source: Sandra Brown | New Home Source

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